Sewing Tutorial: Funky iPod or Mobile Cover

Pouch Materials:

1 x pair of funky socks

1 x sharp pair of scissors (handle with care!)

1 x biro

Thread (matching the socks)

Ruler or measuring tape

Decoration Materials:

Felt in different colours

Thread (colour depends on your design)




  • Buy a pair of socks that is a bit bigger than your mobile or iPod.

  • Place your mobile/iPod on top of one of the socks and using a biro mark a line 1cm below the mobile/iPod.

  • Use a ruler to make sure that the line is straight by checking the measurement on each side of the sock. Once you have a straight line, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut along the line.

  • Place the second sock on to the already cut sock, making sure that the top edge is lower than the cut sock (this will be your front pocket). Mark the sock where the cut sock ends with a biro and a ruler. Then cut along the line. You have now created your pouch pockets.

  • Place the smaller pouch on to the larger one, so that the cut ends are together. You can then sew a line 1cm in from the end with your sewing machine or by hand. Remember to knot and cut the threads at the ends!

  • Fold the two pockets over so that you hide the sewing line you have just made in the middle. Then take a needle threaded with matching thread and start to sew the sides of the socks together, so that the smaller pocket is attached to the larger pocket. When you finish that side, tie a big knot, cut the thread and then start sewing the other side. You can now start to decorate your mobile/iPod pouch!
  • First draw out your shapes on to felt and cut them carefully with a sharp pair of scissors. Arrange all of the pieces of your design and sew as many pieces together before you place them onto your pouch. This will make attaching the decoration to your pouch much easier. 

  • Once you are happy with your design pieces, place them on to the pouch and begin carefully sewing them on.

Here are some of my ideas for decoration. Don’t forget you can use the front pouch for your headphones, or your lipstick!


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