Needle Felting Tutorial: Basic Figure Work

Equipment Required:

  • Foam pad
  • Selection of Merino colours (100g in total)
  • Pack of mixed gauge needles (explained during text)

Optional, but not included:

  • Any other decorations you may require

Download PDF project – Sara’s Texture Crafts – Basic Needle Felted Figures Tutorial

All fibre and equipment is available at

Washing Fleece.

If the fleece doesn’t have a lot of Lanolin, it could be spun nicely from the fleece. However, there are occasions when you may prefer to wash your fleece.

Washing say 2-300g will be easier than a whole fleece and here is how I do it;

  • Layout the fleece and make sure there is no debris in it, like straw, etc (I sort it here, so there is no larger, or troublesome debris)
  • Take a bucket and add a little detergent. This can be special wool safe detergent, or a gentle washing liquid, or even a washing up liquid.
  • Add half a bucket of hot water (not too hot to touch)
  • Add the fleece and hold down with your hand, so that it soaks the fleece. Do not move the fleece around as this may cause felting.
  • Leave for 30-45 minutes.
  • Take out the fleece and empty the dirty water.
  • fill the bucket with water to the same temperature and add the fleece.
  • Leave for 30-45 minutes
  • Take out the fleece and leave to drain and cool for a while
  • Squeeze out the excess water and leave to dry flat. If you don’t have the space and you have a nice day. Then use an old pillow case to hold the fleece and put it out on your washing line to dry.

If your fleece is very light in grease, then you may wish to wash in cold water (important to note here that many spinners have varying methods, so see what works best for you).

Once it is dry if you think it needs another wash, then you can do this, or you can spin from the fleece. If you would rather card the fleece to comb the fibres in the right direction, then the fleece should be as free from Lanolin as possible and then hand, or drum carded.

Fleeces can be purchased at


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